Safety Region Kennemerland (VRK) has been one of the 25 safety regions in the Netherlands since 2008.

The municipalities of Beverwijk, Bloemendaal, Haarlem, Haarlemmermeer, Heemskerk, Heemstede, Uitgeest, Velsen and Zandvoort together with the emergency and medical services (fire brigade, Municipal Health Services, police and Royal Netherlands Marechaussee (Kmar) make up a vibrant, dynamic safety region. The Kennemerland Control Room (MICK), the Kennemerland Security Office, Population Care office and support departments are also part of VRK.

What do we do?

To increase the safety in our region and be well-prepared for disasters and crises, the municipalities and emergency and medical services have joined forces. We work together intensively in the field of crisis management, disaster relief, fire services, medical aid during disasters and protecting public order and safety.

About the Kennemerland region

The Kennemerland region is a varied and densely-populated region. People work, live, relax and travel a lot in the region. Schiphol, the North Sea Canal and the IJmond area are important hubs in the region. Moreover, Kennemerland is crossed by motorways and railways. TATA Steel is another significant part of this region. These and other characteristics ensure that Kennemerland is a vibrant, dynamic region.

Working at VRK

The organisation currently has over 800 employees and 400 volunteer firefighters. All employees have one thing in common: cooperation is in our blood. Working at a network organisation such as VRK means your work is varied and challenging. From firefighters, Municipal Health Services doctors to internally-oriented office employees; in this organisation you will meet colleagues from a range of levels, expertise and backgrounds. They all bundle their forces to achieve the same goal: making the region as healthy and safe as possible.

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