Risks in our region

Risks in the Kennemerland area

Enter your city or postcode on (Risk Map) to easily check for risks in your area. It will show you whether there is an increased risk in your area for aircraft accidents, wildfires, floods, etc. You also receive advice on what to do if an incident occurs. Check What to do when...


On the Kennemerland Risk Map you can see which risks are present in Kennemerland and where.


Regional Risk Profile

The main risks in our region are recorded in the Kennemerland Regional Risk Profile. We update this profile regularly, with the most up-to-date version currently from 2012. Another update is expected as of 2017.


How large are the risks?

The Regional Risk Profile details the likelihood and possible impact of risks. How likely is each risk to occur, and what are the potential consequences? The greater the likelihood and the greater the impact, the higher the risk. Extra attention is given to the largest risks in aid organisations' contingency plans and exercises.


The main risks in our area are: a major outbreak of infectious disease, an aircraft accident, extreme cold, a power outage, an incident in the Schiphol rail tunnel, and social unrest.



  1. Kennemerland Regional Risk Profile